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The Zen Metal Collection

Can accommodate mat widths up to 27”
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Onyx Reversible Yoga Bag

Onyx and Carbon
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OmGold Reversible Yoga Bag

OmGold and Onyx
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Platinum Reversible Yoga Bag

Platinum and Carbon
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ThePureBag™ Reversible Yoga Bag comes with a colorful and convenient detachable strap, which can be used for stretching and exercise! Just remove the strap, use it in your routine, and follow enclosed instructions to re-attach it to your bag.

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The Nature Collection

Can accommodate mat widths up to 26.5″
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Glacier Reversible Yoga Bag

Turquoise and Silver Sage
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Volcano Reversible Yoga Bag

Dark Green Tea and Tangerine
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Sunwater Yoga Bag

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Jungle Yoga Bag

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The Accompaniments Collection

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Available Colors: Leaf, Dark Green Tea, Turquoise, Silver Sage, Tangerine, Sun, Carbon, OmGold, Onyx and Platinum
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Silver Lining Mat Wrap

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“It’s a Cinch” Bag

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For CA residents only: CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Warning: This product may contain chemicals identified by the State of CA as a cause of cancer at certain exposure levels.