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A pharma executive from the Philadelphia area, I felt the consequences of germy workout gear first-hand. I became terribly sick after a weekend of working out. My illness lasted for three months — starting as rhabdomyolysis (severe muscle injury) that later turned to myositis — causing my body to swell and putting my kidneys at risk. I was unable to feed myself, unable to go to work. Finally, a five-day immunoglobulin infusion helped my system knock out the infections so I could begin to return to my normal routine.

Through a process of elimination, I and the specialists who treated me had reason to believe that I’d originally been exposed to a bug through my gym bag that transported germs from the gym into my home. This harrowing experience gave me the idea for a new type of antibacterial yoga bag line – one that repels bacteria and other microorganisms. After my illness, I used yoga as part of my therapy to return to full strength. Wary of falling ill again, I wanted to find a bag that would protect me from germs. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to make my own and consequently, ThePureBag™ was born!

I realize my story is an extreme case. However, I came to realize how important it is to protect yourself from germ exposure during and after exercise. I want to help others learn from my story and stay healthy while working out. I believe ThePureBag™ products provide an extra level of protection to keep your workouts healthier and cleaner.


ThePureBag™ is a distinctive line of products built on the convergence of health & wellness, sports and style within the fitness market.

ThePureBag™ products are all made with careful thought and bold, functional designs crafted out of marine-grade, healthcare-quality vinyl material. The embedded silver component in the material serves as a barrier to bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew. Along with custom-made antibacterial thread, the yoga bags + accessories will defend against MRSA, athlete’s foot, other strains of bacteria and other gross stuff – whether in a hot yoga studio or on a paddleboard in the great outdoors.

ThePureBag™ is dedicated to providing valuable, quality products with integrity. We offer Core and Reversible Yoga Mat Bags along with ZipPockets in multiple colors, a Cinch Bag and a Mat Wrap. ThePureBag™ is a Women Owned Business based in the Philadelphia area with manufacturing in Lancaster County.

We’re excited to share ThePureBag™ yoga bags, innovative gear and accessories with you and welcome your feedback and ideas!

Healthy Is The New Happy!

For CA residents only: CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Warning: This product may contain chemicals identified by the State of CA as a cause of cancer at certain exposure levels.